Publishchemidea, 2014 No: 12

Submitted: Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Phosphonic acid for chiral reduction
Title of the idea: Chiral reduction with proline phosphonic acid salt
Author of the idea: Ramesha
Email of the author
Key words for search: Proline, chiral, reduction, ketone
Explain briefly the idea

H3PO2 – Has been used for reduction of ketone to secondary alcohol. However, it has not been exploited for the chiral reduction. Potentially one can use L-Proline phosphonicacid for the chiral reduction. This method has several advantage that the whole of proline can be recovered and recycled.

Why do you think this idea will work? Both in industry and academic research
Do you have any experimental proof? No
Literature reference None for the same idea
Where it is useful? Academic
Do you plan to work on this idea in near future? Yes
Interested in collaboration? Yes
Nature of idea: Theoretical/experimental
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