Publishchemidea, 2014 No: 6

Submitted: Monday, January 27th, 2014

Title of the idea: Dehydration (esterification) and re-hydration (of alkyne) in one pot
Author of the idea: Ramesha
Email of the author
Key words for search: Dehydration, rehydration, acid, acetone, alkyne
Explain briefly the idea

This is one pot conversion of alcohol to ester and acetylene to ketone. Water liberated in the esterification is consumed in alkyne hydrolysis. Different alkynes and alcohols can be tried. This will provide an easy access to mono substituted acetone

Why do you think this idea will work? This will provide an easy access to mono substituted acetone. Two reactions are done in one pot.
Do you have any experimental proof? preliminary experiment shows the right product formation at 60% yield.
Literature reference Pankaj Dawar, M Bagavan Raju, Ramesha A. R, Tettrahedron Lett, 2011, 52, 4262-4265
Where it is useful? Academic
Do you plan to work on this idea in near future? Yes
Interested in collaboration? No
Nature of idea: Experimental
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