The structure drawing should be in JPEG/Gif format. You can use any structure drawing software and save the content as “jpeg/Gif”. We prefer file size should in 615px width and 220px shape and its size not be more than 300KB

I am unable to register / I am not getting the confirmation mail.
Answer: Please check your e-mail JUNK box. Depending on your setting, this might have been delivered to JUNK box.

Can I download the idea and work on it?
Answer: Yes. This is the whole purpose of the ‘publishchemidea’. We would appreciate if you could ‘quote’ the reference in your future publication.

How different is this mode of publication from regular publication in journals?
Answer: There are mainly four differences: 1. There is no paper version of publication in publishchemidea 2. You do not need any experimental proof (if you have any preliminary proof you can upload the same) 3. You do not need to write too lengthy introduction and other details. 4 This is the simplest form of publication so far.

Do I have any IP protection for my Idea?
Answer: Just like any other mode of publication, you may not have any protection. However, if you can prove the concept worthiness, you can patent on your own. www.publishchemidea.com will not be party to any IP litigation arising out of publication.

Who can publish?
Answer: Anyone who can contribute to the chemistry idea can contribute/publish.

Does it go through a review process?
Answer: Once the idea is submitted, it will be reviewed by at least 1 reviewer. Depending on the novelty, it will be accepted or rejected. Accepted idea will immediately appear on www.publishchemidea.com in the accepted folder. Similarly, reject idea will immediately appear in rejected folder.

What is the guarantee that reviewers reject my idea and work on it later?
Answer: The website is designed in such a way that all the submitted idea will be reviewed. As mentioned above, it will be either “accepted” or “rejected”. Then it appears on the corresponding folder.

How do I cite this reference?
Answer: You can cite just like any other articles. Ex. Author name, publichchemidea 2014, 004