Publishchemidea, 2015 No: 16

Submitted: Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Title of the idea: Kinetic resolution of aldehydes
Author of the idea: Ramesha
Email of the author
Key words for search: CBS, L-diphenyl prolinol, kinetic resolution, aldehyde
Explain briefly the idea

Aldehyde can be easily protected as acetal. This concept is used for preparing L-Diphenyl prolinol and an aldehyde acetal. If 0.5 eq of L-diphenyl prolinol is used, probably one of the aldehyde isomer can for acetal easily. other isomer can stay back in the solution. This can be easily separated by either column purification or by hydrazine formation/by any other physical techniques.

Why do you think this idea will work? In organic synthesis
Do you have any experimental proof? No. If some one is interested, you can contact me at . I can suggest best possible condition.
Literature reference None
Where it is useful? Academic
Do you plan to work on this idea in near future? NO
Interested in collaboration? Yes
Nature of idea: Theoretical/experimental
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