Publishchemidea, 2014 No: 4

Submitted: Monday, January 6th, 2014

Title of the idea: Modified Ritter Reaction of aryl/ alkyl- thiocyanate with TBME
Author of the idea: pankajdawar
Email of the author
Key words for search: aryl/alkyl thiocyanate, TBME, Sulfuric acid
Explain briefly the idea

It is new modified method for Ritter reaction of thiocyanates with TBME.

Why do you think this idea will work? yes , as we don't find any references on it, and it have a high potential in field of organic chemistry.
Do you have any experimental proof?
Literature reference P. Dawar et al. / Tetrahedron Letters 52 (2011) 4262–4265.
Where it is useful? Academic
Do you plan to work on this idea in near future? Yes
Interested in collaboration? No
Nature of idea: Theoretical/experimental
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